Mary Monday by Parris Bailey
“Is there anything too hard for god?” Gen. 18:14

This weekend was a big weekend. It started last Friday night when we had “Beyond the Grave” in which we gave out over 300 booklets for people that came up to receive the Lord. We also had over 30 people get water baptized. I wept. There is something about people rushing to the altar to find Jesus and make a life change. Many of them will go back to their seats with just an emotional “touch” like watching a movie that they cried in. But others might be like this particular young man that walked up to Frank and told him that he went up to an altar call 10 years ago at a BTG service and tonight he brought his youth from his United Methodist church here because he is the youth pastor. You just never know what is happening in someone’s life.
Some of the reason why I found myself crying is that I know that none of this comes easy. It’s not like one can snap their fingers and have God show up and “do his thing”. It takes stepping out time and time again and believing that the gospel is truly what this world needs. I cried because not everything in my life is perfect and complete-but when God steps in, it becomes complete. That altar call showed me again that there is “nothing too hard for God”. He can change a situation in a moment.
Another milestone happened also Sunday night, we had another Mary’s Song graduation. Two of the girls finished Phase One (5 months) and another finished the 2nd phase (10 months). The 2nd phase girl tonight shared her testimony how she had gotten an abortion years ago and her body and her mind were messed up for years, putting her into a life of drugs and jail. While at Mary’s Song she has lost over 50 pounds, received healing in her body and forgave herself of the bad decisions she made. She also had put art down for over 10 years and just these past few weeks, picked up a brush and begin to paint some of the most beautiful paintings that I have ever seen. “Is there anything too hard for God”?
What are you facing today? Maybe you feel as if you have no place to turn nor is anyone listening. Another Mary’s Song girl didn’t have a drug or alcohol problem but had a rejection problem that drove her into deep depression. She too is receiving the love of God. He is a fountain and this fountain is made just for you. I pray that you can open your heart to receive this Love. What we think is impossible, weak, without strength, not able or impotent, God takes and changes it into something beautiful. He makes all things new…….yes he does!


  1. tthis ministyers to me our body this week is having celebrate jesus with other bodys joining us here in harrison arkansas, last year 56 came to the lord many found local churches some showed up mounths later and are still with the lord some just disapeared, you never know what the lord will do, i hope many unbeleivers show we start thursday nite till saturday nite, we have alot ofstrongholds in this area, the kkk is one of them, we dont care what race comes into our body they are brothers and sisters, a lot of controversy here has come out of this, the black people here are still very afraid to be out after dark, this part of arkansas is still like the old days, mans inhumanity to man it angers me at times but i have to remember it is sin and a unsaved heart in people there is a lot of people with spirits unclean, we are hopeing to see many set free in this also so they can really experience jesus its great what you shared with the woman, the lord is moving all over at this time we can use prayer this week god bless you all

  2. Ms Paris awesome news about Mary Song’s graduation testimonies! And not only does He made all things new but continues to made you “newer “and “newer” each and every day you follow the Holy Spirit and stay in His Word through not only His refreshing blessings but the trials He presents and our faithful responses to them. In His Light and Love.

  3. Pastor Parris, I find myself sitting at the table listening to Rachel on the cd Oh My God all I can do is weep; to find myself asking for forgiveness again. Last night I was there for the Mary’s Song graduation, I was in the program and to see the awesome work God is doing daily in all of these womens’ live is un speakable. There is not a day that goes by that my heart or thoughts does not go out to the students or staff. I thank God for the vision He has given you. Everyday I can hear one of the ladies saying just a little something to me, brings a joyful smile to my face.

  4. Mary’s Song is a tremendous ministry. I think Mary’s Song embodies “Called for such a time as this”. God Bless the hands that administer Mary’s Song and the ladies who are participating.

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