redeeming the time, because the days are evil.

Time is one of our most precious of all commodities. Our time is not unlimited, we have a fixed amount of time on this earth given to us by the Lord. Our wise use of time is one of the things about our lives that will be evaluated at that great day when each of us will stand before the Lord. Our lives are all a series of “times” allotted to us by the Lord, these times are viewed, by the Lord, as treasures, or opportunities given to us for the advancement of His kingdom. There will come a day when time is no more, time will be swallowed up by eternity, and all of us will be instantly standing and living in the fruit of our labors here on earth. Dick Mills has some valuable insight into this phrase “redeeming the time”. Listen carefully to his words.

“This verse contains an illuminating Greek word for time: kairos (kahee-ros’). This is time adapted to circumstances. Kairos can be defined as: 1) A set time for action, 2) the right moment, 3) the opportune point of time when a thing should be done, or 4) the time appointed to accomplish a certain task.
In Ephesians 5:16 we are admonished by Paul to “redeem” the time (kairos) appointed to us by the Lord. Newer translations render this phrase, “buying up the opportunity,” indicating we need a natural acumen (understanding) to help us to interpret our spiritual opportunities.”

All of us live in a world screaming for our time. The Lord is different, He is quietly waiting for us to turn our attention to Him and to see the value of the time He has given to us. Seeing the value of something is the key to wise stewardship, especially of our time. We give ourselves to the things we perceive as important. How can I redeem the time and why would I want to? One glimpse of Him and His greatness will answer all of those questions. When you “see” Christ for yourself, your value system is radically upended, what you deem as important will change. When that happens, you will immediately see the value of one of the Lord’s greatest gifts to you, your time. In light of what Paul said about living in the evil day, we have to redeem the time, frankly, we don’t know how much of it we have.


  1. How true, my wife can really minister on time she is, unless the lord heals her she wont be here with us much longer, she will be the first to tell to redeme the time you have, the lord may heal her all the way she will tell you if he does or chooses not to its ok redeme the time stand for him and the truth the lord has it under his control he is the lord, she is ministering to alot of people, many with infermitys, some life threatning, i feel fortunate to have her as my wife, i found out a few days ago that Larry Norman went home to be with the lord, as he was dying he ministered to the body to serve the lord doctors asked if he had any fear of dying he told them why should i fear this, i was enjoying going but you brought me back mediacally a few hours after saying this he went home to be with the lord, Larry honered the lord in his death he redemed the time and had the opertunity to glorify God, i belive unless we are raptured none of us will get out of here without physical death we4 all need to walk upright and take as many as we can with us maybe die with our boots on remember that message? i hope i have a big grin on my face the undertaker cant take off, then he steps on a switch conected to a spring so my body flys up out of that coffin so old ladys faint and girls scream, i wont even be there but i will get the last laugh

  2. The Beatles sang a song “Time is on You Side” and for their young fans it probably was conceived to be true. In Spiritual truth however it is a falsity as Paul explicitly writes in the Word. The Lord has given each one of us quiet but distinct assignments and now is the day to start to do them. In His Light and Love.

  3. Excellent teaching. 2 things caught my attention, the Lord quietly waiting for our time and the statement, “seeing the value of something is the key to wise stewardship”. My father always said the process of earning money developed within a person the character to maintain their earnings. He believed you would value something you labored for more than something you received without effort. The process of laboring for wages was valuable in of itself. This blog reminds me of how God has numbered our days and I need to value the short time I have here and be a wise steward of God’s time.

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