He was a burning and a shining light: and ye were willing for a season to rejoice in his light.
Jn 5:35 KJV

Jesus said, in this verse, that the prophet John was a bright and shining light. His heart was burning with the fire of passion for God. There was an anointing upon his life that was drenched in the love for God. Jesus also said that John was the greatest of the Old Testament prophets. What did Jesus mean by that? His measurement of greatness was based on revelation. John was a “shining light”, shining with the revelation of Christ. John’s message of Christ was twofold. He said that Jesus was the Lamb of God. He had grasped the purpose of the messiah, He would give His life for a sacrifice for man’s sin. The second part of his message was that He would baptize us with the Holy Spirit and fire. This was a glimpse into the heavenly ministry of Jesus. Today, Jesus is the heavenly high priest, His heavenly ministry to us is the “baptizer in the Holy Spirit”.
What a powerful revelation, John was “shining” like no one before him, he was “shining” with the light of divine revelation. This is what Jesus had said of John, “he was a burning and shining light”. Burning in his heart with love for God and shining in his mind with the revalation of Jesus Christ. Jonathan Edwards spoke about the burning and shining nature of Christians in his sermon THE EXCELLENCY OF A GOSPEL MINISTER. Here is something he said about the shining nature of the christian life.

“That he be pure, clear, and full in his doctrine. A minister ( a christian) is set to be a light to men’s souls, by teaching, or doctrine: and if he be a shining light in this respect, the light of his doctrine must be bright and full; it must be pure without mixtures of darkness, and therefore he must be sound in the faith, not one that is of a reprobate mind; in doctrine he must show uncorruptness; otherwise his light will be darkness.”

This is the balance we need in our lives today. Our hearts on fire, burning, for Jesus and our minds enflamed with the revelation of Jesus Christ. This is normal Christianity, lives impacted by the fire of God. Lord, baptize us again in the fire of God, consume the wood, hay, and stubble, make us burning and shining lights.


  1. I have wanted to tell you also that my friends daughter came out of the coma about 3 days ago and is now sitting in a recliner. She has been out since Dec 25, been on a ventilator, had to have dialysis a few times to clean her system and ended up haveing a trach put in. She isn’t out of the woods but is much further along that we thought possible a few days ago. Thanks for your prayers.

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