Mary Monday!

Parris Bailey Executive Director Mary’s Song

“Is there anything too hard for the Lord?” Gen. 18:14

“God took one good look and me and look what happened, I’m the most fortunate women on earth!

Luke 1:48 The Message

While away on vacation, I went walking with my Iphone listening to the Word of God. I had decided to listen to Genesis seeing it was the beginning of a New Year. I love the story of Abraham and Sarah. Can you imagine getting pregnant at 80 years old? What is most amazing, not only did she get pregnant, her body, her looks changed for the younger. That is truly a miracle.

I was so enjoying the story when the verse “is there anything too hard for the Lord?” jumped out at me. (Genesis 18:14) It was as if I was Sarah laughing to myself about the absurdity of seeing me pregnant at 80 years old and looking like a 25 year old. The next thing you know I found myself crying at the unbelief of years past and laughing over the expectation of what He will do. Yes, there is truly nothing too hard for him!

This is the same wording the angel used when he spoke to Mary when visiting her with the announcement that she too would be overshadowed and conceive a child and his name would be called Jesus. “For with God, nothing shall be impossible.” Luke 1:37 This word in Greek and in Hebrew means, humanly speaking, this is impossible, that we are impotent, weak, not capable. But there is nothing too hard for Him! In Micah 2:7 it say’s “is the Lord straitened?” I had to ask myself if I have restricted him or put him into a box? Maybe I backed off from “the word of promise”? (Romans 9:9)

All this year, I want to send you a Mary Monday message. We at Mary’s Song see God doing something big everyday in the girls that decided to “get off the bus” and begin a whole new life with Jesus. Since the New Year we have gotten 6 new girls into the program all ranging from 17-55 years old. Pray with us that each day these girls will hold onto the promise that “ there is nothing too hard for the Lord.” What are you believing God for in 2011?


  1. January 1, I received three words from God through two individuals in my life. The first was a pastopr from a quaint little church in Jennings,La. I was out of town at the time visiting an old friend and did not want to wait until that evening to go to church in Metairie.Pastor Gotte gave me two scriptures. The first was Psalms 81:10. “I am the Lord thy God, which brought you out of Egypt: open thy mouth wide and I will fill it”.
    He told me God delights in answered prayers. He told me ask for big things, ask for the impossible. Don’t stop praying. Pray until it becomes full bloom.
    The second scripture was Jeremiah 33:3. “Call unto me, and I will answer thee and shew you great and mighty things which thou knowest not”.
    I got into N.O. Area around 6:15. I quickly got my dog set up in his kennel and went straight to night service at Victory. I was expecting to here more from God. Iwanted more. I did not expect the service to go as it did. I had to believe it was going top be a regular Sunday night service of saturation. I was blessed beyond measure. People were hearing His word and specific individuals had specific scriptures for them. It was awesome to see the Holy Spirit move on leaders and the congregation like that. It blesses my soul.
    To cap off this mantle of a meeting, my group leader at Broad Street gives me a word from God and puts theicing on ther cake. 2Chronicles 25:9. “The Lord is able to do much more than this”. Wow, that just topped my day off.
    So yes Pastor, God is able. There is nothing to hard for Him.

  2. Hi Pastor Parris, I love the Mary Monday and so glad to have been apart of your vision, I pray to always contine to be there for any need, also to continue seeing the lifes of women changing everyday. Everyone that I have been in contact with ( the joy of the Lord is pon them ) I haven’t gotten enough yet, I’ll be attending your class on Thursday night. See you then. Mary’s Song is always in my prayers

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