And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

What would it look like to have all of my need; my spiritual need, my emotional need, my financial need, absolutely everything met by my relationship with Christ? That is what Paul is talking about in this verse, a kind of overflowing of God’s goodness effecting every part of me. He uses a powerful greek word, pleroo, in this verse translated in English as “supply every need”. Dick Mills has some powerful insight into this beautiful word.

“Pleroo is a verb infinitive meaning “to fill to the full.” It might be defined as “to cram the net,” “to fill up a hollow place,” “to cause to abound,” “to load down,” “to fill the stomach,” “to fill the void,” “to pay off a debt,” “to complete a person so that there is no lack in him.” By consulting certain key lexicons and translations, we could translate this verse to read: “But my God shall [liberally, fully, gloriously, amply, abundantly] supply all your need [by imparting richly and furnishing abundantly, in a lavish and magnificent way]….”
Try reading out loud as one composite verse all the above amplifications and I believe you will be quickened by the Holy Spirit to discover the immensity of God’s provision.”

What a powerful verse of scripture, loaded with revelation and insight into God’s goodness revealed in His multi-faceted provision. What kind of need are you facing today? Is it family related or maybe financial? Or maybe you have troubles haunting you from the past or even worries about tomorrow. Regardless of what your facing, the answer is always the same. Jesus Himself is more than enough to remedy every situation. He is all sufficient, all knowing, all powerful, ever present, and infinitely generous and kind. One encounter with Him and you will need no definition of fullness or sufficiency, you will see for yourself the fullness of God revealed to us in Jesus Christ. Christ Jesus will meet all of your need, fill to the full, furnish abundantly, by imparting richly, amply, abundantly in a lavish and magnificent way Himself who is more than enough.

3 Replies to “OVERFLOW”

  1. Amen.I either dreamed or was brought to realize the other night a movie like review of all the blessings and testimony I have received in the last ten years.Just awesome. Thanks be to God. In His Light and Love.

  2. I have studied this Greek word before. But within the context of equipping not abiding. How beautiful it is to see this word as you have described. How much more amazing it is to see past pleroo as the indwelling work of HS power in our lives and see it as the greater and continuing, realtime and active work of our Heavenly Father pursuing us so as to establish an overflowing all sustaining relationship with us.

    Thank you

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