Now God worked unusual miracles by the hands of Paul, so that even handkerchiefs or aprons were brought from his body to the sick, and the diseases left them and the evil spirits went out of them.
Acts 19:11,12

This is a very unusual verse of scripture, it has always been very special to me. Miracles, by their very nature are special, but Luke is describing another level of unusual. Dick Mills spoke of this verse saying, “A miracle is always special, so what does Luke mean here when he speaks of special miracles? Other versions of the Bible translate this word as “unusual”, “extraordinary”, or “uncommon”. Since by definition a miracle is always something unusual, extraordinary, or uncommon, this verse is almost a play on words: “God wrought ‘special specials’, ‘extraordinary extraordinaries’, ‘unusual unusuals’ by the hands of Paul”.
What made these miracles special? Mills goes on to say that it had something to do with where these miracles happened. They happened in Ephesus, along with Corinth, one of the most depraved of all the cities at that time. Today we would think of San Francisco, Las Vegas, or New Orleans, in those days it was Corinth and Ephesus. Brother Mills continues by saying, ” There is a spiritual isometric that states, …’where sin abounds, grace did much more abound’. The greater the sin, the greater the need of a Saviour.”
In the same way, great troubles, and great problems provide the atmosphere for these “special miracles”. Maybe you are facing insurmountable odds in your circumstances of life, rejoice, it is time for one of God’s “special miracles”.
The climate for these kinds of miracles is described best by the word, saturation. Paul was conducting daily meetings for two years in Ephesus. In that atmosphere created by spiritual saturation, these special miracles began to appear. Maybe you are in a season where only a special miracle will do, if that is the case, take desperate action. Saturate in God’s Word, saturate in His Presence praying in the Holy Spirit, create a miracle atmosphere through worship, and then, get ready. I think a season of special specials and unusual unusuals is headed your way.


  1. I had people ask me about pray cloths a while back ,Iknow they are used in some places we have never used them ourselves, I find this very interesting I know the Lord can use anything he wants to from a donky to reprove a profit to Jesus putting spit in a guys eye to isaha doing some interesting things you never know how the lord is going to do it but its always good, i want to find out more on prayer cloths so i can share with the people that asked me, i try to find out if im asked and dont know this helps me on the history and time they were used i will look this up it shines more light on what i was asked iiive seen some heavy things happen that only the lord can do even more than we could ever think he is amazing when he moves on something it is total not halve way changed lives are a biggie for me, ive seen some very wicked people get saved and are now walking with the lord you would never know if you just meet them for the first time you would praise god for being around brothers and sisters that love the lord to me this is a big mirrical, sometimes the lord moves mountains in our lives sets us free from ourselves gives us strenth we dont have leads us in truth and his ways continually changes us daily great stuff i went to see my new born grandson yesterday i told my son we are all born in sin we are cute little heathens when we are born the day comes were we choose to be born again or dont choose it our choice i told him also god wont have grandchildren only children im praying for my youngest son he is pretty much his own person some of my other children walk with the lord he is holding outfor now we all know someone we can be praying for friends realitives neighbors someone you all have a blessed day

  2. G’morn Pastor Frank….. Mike and I are “fans” of Bailey Drink. We are wondering if you are putting together a yearly devotional ? (We also read the Spurgeon Morning and Evening devotional.) Thanks for feeding the flock…..baaaa !

    cathy palermo

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