while God also bore witness by signs and wonders and various miracles and by gifts of the Holy Spirit distributed according to His will.

The Christian life is by nature supernatural. We are not expected to make things happen, we can only yield and watch things happen. We are witnesses of His work, not really the author of anything. That takes the pressure off of us, who amongst us can perform a miracle anyway? This verse of scripture describes the incredible way the Lord bears witness to our testimony with His amazing display of the supernatural. Dick Mills has some good insight on this verse.

“The Greek word translated bearing witness here is a triple compound: sunepimartureo (soon-ep-ee-mar-too-reh’-o). It is composed of three elements: sun (“alongside”), epi (“in addition to”), and martureo (“to witness and testify”). Thus this verse says that if you will give your testimony to an unbelieving world, the Lord will come alongside and add His witness and testimony to yours. When the Lord bears witness, it will be with signs, wonders, diverse miracles, and gifts of the Holy Spirit. Supernatural confirmation is thus promised to you.”

I will never forget the first sermon I preached when the Lord brought me to pastor in New Orleans. That first service only had a handful of people present, but there was a group of young people who came to my first meeting. The Lord displayed His Glory that first day, to my amazement, several of them gave their hearts to the Lord that morning.Thirty five years have passed since that day, I know of several of them who are still serving the Lord, one is pastoring in a nearby congregation. The Lord bore witness to my inexperienced preaching, with signs, wonders, and miracles. The work of God is exactly that, the work of God. All He is looking for is yielded vessels. Are you one of those yielded vessels? What does it take to be used by the Lord in miracles? All it takes is yieldedness, a willingness to look foolish as you testify to what you have seen and heard, the rest is up to Him.

2 Replies to “MIRACLES”

  1. I really needed to hear what was shared this morning, we have a huge gathering of many brothers and sisters that are going out to evangelise this area Feb.3 till the 5th a lot is being put on some of us from ushers to speakers to shareing with new beleivers last year this was done 55 came to the lordmany are still with the fellowships that came together to be used in this way we were talking just last nite on being faithful and watch god do it be in prayer and to pray for the holy spirit to move and the people coming, it hit me hard on how we are called to bring in more folks and be used to introduce them to the lord then be there for them im seeing my time dont belong to me and when i let the lord have my time and give up what i had plannened for his plan things happen we are fortunate to have other belivers here that will turn out from other fellowships same message same spirit working in them as in us i think we will see many come to know jesus all over this nation people are seeing our nation go down the tubes and want something that will last something real i have heard testimonys from new belivers this is what brought them to the lord people i never thought would come to him are coming only god knows the hearts and he will draw them after him by his spirit god wants us willing to be there for him when he wants to use us i needed today to hear what frank shared it gave me even more confermation im excited to know our family in the lord is going to get bigger i really tghink this and the lord is doing it at this time many backsliders are coming back to the lord we are hearing this from other fellowships we have had a few come back ourselves this is great the lord is moving more than we have seen in a while other places are saying the same people are being healed good stuff im glad our names are written in his book of life this means more than all the rest it is all good we get to be with the lord forever

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