“Yea, doubtless, and I count all things but loss, for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus, my Lord, and do count them but dung that I may win Christ.”

In this verse of scripture Paul is making a comparison between the two lives available to us. The natural life which is the choice of the carnal person, having no concept of spiritual things. The other life is the secret life of the Spirit that becomes the choice of those who have discovered the beauty of Christ.
Jonathan Edwards spoke of the comparison of these two lives in his observations on this passage of scripture, obviously Edwards had drunk deeply of the heavenly cup.
​ “The saint prefers what he hath already of God before any thing in this world. That which was infused into his heart at his conversion, is more precious to him than any thing which the world can afford. The views which are sometimes given him of the beauty and excellency of God, are more precious to him than all the treasures of the wicked. The relation of a child in which he stands to God, the union which there is between his soul and Jesus Christ, he values more than the greatest earthly dignity. That image of God which is in stamped on his soul, he values more than any earthly ornaments. It is, in his esteem, better to be adorned with the graces of God’s Holy Spirit, than to be made to shine in jewels of gold, and the most costly pearls, or to be admired for the greatest external beauty. He values the robe of Christ’s righteousness, which he hath on his soul, more than the robes of princes. The spiritual pleasures and delights which he sometimes has in God, he prefers far before all the pleasures of sin.”
What gives us the ability to make the right choices when it comes to spiritual matters? The answer lies in the mystery of divine revelation. Once our eyes have been opened, the choice becomes easier, the heavenly world becomes strangely attractive to us, the natural world fades into a distant shadow of life. As we begin this new year, what are the things in life that you truly value? What are you living for, what is your purpose in life? To answer these questions we have to drink from the cup of divine revelation, with our spiritual eyes wide open, we can “count all things loss in view of the excellency of the knowledge of Jesus Christ”.


  1. Only by the grace of God have I come to recognize that without a relationship with Christ are all other things worthless. Even the most basic things such as health and life. Without Christ both are useless and lead only to an end! I look forward to coming together today with my brothers and sisters to enter our Father’s house together to praise and worship Him. \o/ Peace!

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