“For you shall go out with joy,
And be led out with peace;
The mountains and the hills
Shall break forth into singing before you,
And all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.

Isaiah spoke about the impact the coming of the Lord would have on creation itself, he described the heavens as rejoicing at the manifestation of the kingdom of God on earth. What else could we expect, creation is designed to reveal the Glory of God, it cannot keep silent as Jesus Himself enters into creation in Bethlehem from the womb of a virgin. The Creator enters into His creation, the heavens have to respond. Have you ever thought, really thought about what it meant for Christ to become a man? How could the Creator become part of His own creation? How could the infinite submit to being finite, how could immortality put on mortality? That is the mystery of the incarnation. God actually became a man. Here is another of my Christmas poems. I hope you enjoy.


The promise was given
Before time began
Revealed in a stable
This God became man

Born of the Father
Revealed in His Son
Rejoicing together
Their lives were as one

The heavens were singing
The hills clapped their hands
The Father rejoicing
His Son became man

The donkey was braying
The dogs barking too
Creation was singing
He’s making all things new

Some hearts were hardened
Their ears were shut fast
The savior had come
The first would be last

The mystery of God
Concealed from all time
Revealed in His Son
His love became mine

Today the anticipation in creation deepens as the return of Jesus Christ draws near. Paul said creation is groaning in preparation for His return. One of the most famous Christmas songs, Joy to the World, was actually originally written about the millenial reign of Christ. As we celebrate the birth of our Lord in Bethlehem this Christmas, we must remember His return is drawing near. Merry Christmas to you and your house.


  1. we dont know the hour or day the lord will return many i fellowship ewith and my own household me and alliene my wife think we are very close it seems wickedness is the norm every day life, to the beliver we look up our redemption is closer than we think gods people are being prepared right now to be set aside from what is happing here for gods glory it says a pecular people i see more boldness with many to get the good news ourt to the lost time is shorter people are getting right in the lord in areas of their lives that know the lord so they too can be used untill the lord returns the harvest is ripe we aqqll see this i really think many more will come if they heard and if we left gods impression on them that person i see on the street or in walmart is lost if they dont know the lord this has been hitting home with many of us we want to take them with us many have unsaved loved ones if a few came out of this or e4ven one it would be well worth it jesus came as a man died as a man yet sinned not took our sin now we have fellowship and savation i have to examin myselve every day to see if im walking upright if not get it right we are the reflection of the lord his handy work if we dont shine our lights how are the lost going to see the lord? i run across many in one day we all do i pray to be available if the doors are open to share with who ever the lord puts there at that time time is short how much time is left? you all know the joy of seeing just one come to the lord there are many still out there living in the twilitezone lost

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