10 How fair is your love,
My sister, my spouse!
How much better than wine is your love,
And the scent of your perfumes
Than all spices!

In this passage, the bridegroom (Christ), is speaking about the preciousness of the love of his bride (the church). He is obviously delighted with the affections she is pouring out upon her spouse. In the same way, the Lord is delighted with the love of His children. He says that our love is better than wine.
Jonathan Edwards quoted this verse in one of his sermons in 1741. He said that this was true of Mary’s act of worship as she poured out her perfume from her broken, alabaster box. Edwards said that “the sweet ointment poured forth out of Mary’s box on the head of Christ, was a type of true divine grace and divine love flowing forth out of the heart of the true believer towards Jesus Christ.” What he was saying is that all true worship is us pouring back on Christ what we have received from Him. What have we received? All things that pertain to life and godliness. We have received an infusion of His incredible love, we have received Christ Himself. Our hearts have been filled to overflowing with the oil of gladness. Our hearts are bursting with His love. What is the outcome? Worship flowing out of our innermost being, our love being poured out on our Lord.
Actually, this is what Mary was doing, she was only returning a portion of this incredible love that she had received. Even though her actions seemed strange and were misunderstood, later they would all understand. After Pentecost, all of the disciples found themselves pouring out their love back on Christ. They received more than they thought possible as the Holy Spirit begin to pour down upon them from heaven. What was their response to this incredible filling? Why, it was the only possible recourse. They begin to pour out their love in worship to the Lord. They had also tasted the love that is better than wine, now their praise was like the fragrant aroma of Mary’s ointment, being returned to the Lord. What have you received from Him? If your heart is full, it is time to pour out your worship. Like Mary, you can begin to pour back upon the Lord a portion of His goodness that you have received.


  1. Some thoughts I have as I dug into this scripture.

    (legal disclaimer: the following comments are not of the owner of this blog in no way should the owner of this blog be held responsible for any claims or misrepresentations included there in. These are wholly the thoughts of the poster unless otherwise stated.)

    The word fair means:
    free from bias, dishonesty, or injustice
    free from blemish, imperfection, or anything that impairs the appearance, quality, or character
    pleasing in appearance; attractive

    “is your love” translated is דֹדַ֖יִךְ – do•da•yich – which means beloved in a direct translation.

    I am wowed when in one breath “we” are referred to as “my sister” which indicates a brotherhood or blood relationship and “my bride” indicating a choice or choosing. Also, the word used as bride implies perfection – and who does not marry the perfect woman to become their spouse! I did laugh out loud for a moment then the thought that we are made perfect by that deposit of Christ placed in us, His perfection, His righteousness! Now the laughter of “funny” turned to joy! Thank You, Jesus!
    Wine in this scripture is the word, מִיַּ֔יִן – mi•ya•yin, which all spirit filled Christians can relate to with great joy. From an unused root meaning to effervesce; wine (as fermented); by implication, intoxication — banqueting, wine, wine(-bibber). That deposited in us, naturally wants to bubble up and flow out of us! It is also intoxicating. Could this be a reference to the Holy Spirit or fruits of the spirit which flow out of believers – I am persuaded it is.
    Effervesce – definition:
    1. to give off bubbles of gas, as fermenting liquors.
    2. to issue forth in bubbles.
    3. to show enthusiasm, excitement, liveliness, etc. –
    [C18: from Latin effervescere to foam up, from fervescere to begin to boil, from fervēre to boil, ferment]
    The “fragrance of the oil and spices” refers to the oil and spices used during offerings on the alter which God, Himself called pleasing to Himself. God gave the exact combination of ingredients for these and commanded they not be used for any other purpose other than in worship and offering to Him.
    Yet this scripture clearly states that he considers our love, us, more precious than these things. Now that is a mind blower! I speak for myself, cause I know me pretty well.
    Another look at the scripture using my own interpretation: (yicks – some early church leaders would cringe at the thought, me interpreting scripture)
    How pleasing and free from blemish beloved, my relative, my chosen one, You are more pleasing than that which comes out of you – (which is a result of that I have deposited in you) and of the very offerings I command of you.
    Connecting some dots.
    Are we considered worth more than that which He has placed in us, greater worth than the work He has done in us, that pours out of us? Could it be – OH YEAH – we are all living proof, For He gave of Himself that we could be redeemed, not just forgiven!!!! He proved His love for us in this; while we were still sinners, Christ died for us!
    Thanks for this scripture pastor – it is awesome!

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