4 Draw me away!
We will run after you.


It feels like I have I always been running. Running after childhood dreams, chasing after adolescent lusts, pursuing the ambitious dreams of my youth, running and running but never catching my prize. Man has been running since the beginning of time. Chasing after his prey, running after (or from) his enemies, stalking down his national or personal ambitions, or expending his energy and his fortunes in pursuit of the fame and fortune success brings. All of us have been running, and will continue, until divine interruption stops us in our tracks. Isn’t that the way love is, doesn’t it stop us in the midst of our activities and refocuses the passions and the pursuits of our lives? Have you ever been surprised by love? Suddenly the important becomes insignificant, the urgent becomes meaningless, love captures our heart and changes our course, sometimes in the middle of the race.
This is what Solomon is describing in his song. “Draw me and I will run after you.” He calls us out of one race just to join another, but this race is quite different. Rather than the rat race of life which never satisfies, we are strangely attracted into another pursuit. This is the pursuit of love. The drawing that King Solomon describes in his love song is quite enticing. He uses the picture of two young lovers hopelessly drawn into the pursuit of one another, a pursuit that seems to overpower every other concern in their lives. This, of course, is a picture of the spiritual attraction that Christ has upon His own. When He begins to draw us with His love, we fall hopelessly into His intoxicating love,. Nothing else seems to matter because of the incredible treasure we have discovered in Christ.
I will never forget those early days when I first tasted the Savior’s love. I would go anywhere or do anything to hear about Him or experience His touch. Driving to Metairie or to New Orleans from Slidel for a Bible study, inconvenience was non-existent. Driving to California to go to Bible School, it meant nothing. I was caught in His heavenly embrace, my life of running was just getting started. Today, I am still on the run. I am caught in the heavenly pursuit. I want to run this race to win, to finish my course with joy. Come on, join the race, step out of the rat race of worldly pursuits, come join with me in the race of love.

3 Replies to “DRAW ME AND I WILL RUN”

  1. Well stated, I feel like I’ve been running my whole life. First to God as a youth ,then away as a young adult ,then to as an adult,and now finally with!
    I feel that I am just at the beginning of having an understanding as to the true character of God and I am falling Head over heels in love.Thank you for your blog I start my day with prayer ,then your blog !
    Peace be with you

  2. this really hit home with me now as we all get older i think we see alot more and understand more i can look back on all of this and see how much the Lord loves us and how great his grace is all the times he stood by us when we messed up he still loved us and cleaned us up like we do our own children when they play in the mud this was a very good teaching im going to enjoy some good stuff thankyou for taking the time to share with us Frank your brother Randy

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