For several days I have talked about putting on Christ. There is another practical way to put on Christ. Paul says in 1 Cor. 12:13, “For in one Spirit we were all baptized into one body, Jews or Greeks, slaves or free, and all were make to drink of one Spirit.”

Paul taught us to drink the Holy Spirit. This was also a common theme in the teaching of Jesus. “If anyone is thirsty let him come to me and drink,” Jesus said.

What does it mean to drink the Holy Spirit? Drinking is a means of receiving something. The Holy Spirit is tangible, portrayed as the liquid love of God. As we open our hearts in humility, we can receive His presence. His presence satisfies our thirsty souls and equips us for the journey that we are on.
I will never forget those meetings in Dallas with Rodney Howard Browne in 1994. In one of the meetings he was crying out “Drink”. I had no idea what he was saying. After several days in those meetings, I finally got it. Drinking was receiving. The Lord was teaching me to open my heart and drink in His Spirit. This was life changing for me. From that day forward, I have determined to drink of His Presence every day.

I know the struggles of daily life, the challenges of family life, the financial challenges we all face daily, the health problems that we are all confronted with.  Not to forget the challenges of ministry, of temptation, of human interaction. The challenges are overwhelming without the help of God. I must drink of His presence.

Personally, I have learned to drink several ways. Praying extended amounts of time in my prayer language, keeping the atmosphere filled with God while listening to worship music, drawing near to God in corporate worship settings, and reading the historic books from seasons of awakening. I have to drink in His presence everyday. Put on the Lord Jesus Christ today, drinking in His precious presence.

Today, let your spiritual appetite increase. Draw near to God. Call upon His name and thank Him for His blood. Feast on the word of God, food for your soul. Drink in the Holy Spirit – put on the Lord Jesus Christ.


  1. Let us all daily hourly constantly fix our eyes on Jesus. Lets us all look to the one where our helps, life comes from. Let’s drink in His liquid love. His
    loves covers us, fills us, saturates us, sustains us, over takes us, every
    second of our lives.

    Come let’s all drink of his liquid love today. NOW



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