But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to fulfill its lusts
Rom 13:14

You may wonder, “How do you put on the Lord Jesus Christ? How does this work in my everyday life?” Let me share with you over the next few days, several ways I have learned to put on Christ in my daily life.

First, I can be clothed with Christ by faith in the precious blood of my Savior. All of us are born in a state of alienation from God. Our sinfulness blocks us from the intimacy our hearts long for and from the blessings that are found in a relationship with God. The bible talks about heaven as an incredible wedding reception celebration. Only those who have been clothed with Christ, having put on His wedding garments, can come to this celebration, Rev. 7:14.
When I was a young Christian, I never felt good enough to come to the Lord. I was looking at my faults, and I was condemned by those unclean thoughts. Understanding that Jesus was before the Father as my representative changed everything. The Father was not looking at me for righteousness, He was looking at Christ. I have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous One. Today, I can come to the Lord with boldness because Christ is my Heavenly High Priest.
This revelation of the blood came to me one day in Coos Bay, Oregon. I came across a little book by Andrew Murray entitled “Let Us Draw Nigh”. This little book deeply effected my life. I saw it in a moment, because of Christ’s righteous life and the shedding of His blood, the way into God’s Presence had been opened for me. I could now put on the garment of Christ.

Each of us face temptation and will commit sin. If we sin we have an advocate with the Father. If we confess our sin, His blood cleanses us from sin and makes us holy in His sight (1 John 1:9). Today you can put on the Lord Jesus Christ by faith in His precious blood. You can draw near to Him and experience His love and friendship by faith in the blood of the cross. Today put on the Lord Jesus Christ. Look to Him by faith in His blood and experience His amazing love for yourself. Maybe you feel unworthy to approach our Blessed Lord. Do not be afraid, all of us come to Him the same way. No mortal man can approach God out of his own merits. The only way into His Presence, is to throw ourselves on the mercy of God. There is no other way. So today let’s go to the throne of grace. The way has been opened, the blood has been shed, the way in is open for us all.

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